She is the FOUNDER and MANAGING DIRECTOR of VANDYSWAY. She strongly believe that, Every individual is unique in their own way and hence for every unique personality she wants to create something unique and beautiful beyond the limitations and boundaries of color, shape, size, personality and looks.”

VANDY’SWAY found in 2011 and has started his journey from a small fashion studio till here.

with a key slogan. With beautiful styles, collection and quality of stuffs.

"You are beautiful in your own unique way, keep on shining."

With beautiful styles, collection and quality of stuffs.

Quality is the strength of VANDYSWAY STUDIO. VANDYSWAY got lots of appreciation, love, support, references and till the date trying to serve you all with best possible stuffs at affordable price with time to time deals and discounts,  with all your support shall always keep on improving.

WITH ALL YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT there was no looking back, VANDYSWAY family is now globally increasing and spreading its wings with lots and lots of love and appreciations.

VANDYSWAY FAMILY always thanks you all for the love, support, suggestions, motivation you all have given us and we are hoping to receive same kind of appreciation from you all. We WELCOMES all the new family members who is joining us every day.

VANDYSWAY FAMILY will always love to assist you all in all possible ways and would love to have suggestions and feedback from you all to make it more better for you in your styles.if you want us to add something then please feel free to suggest we will consider your suggestions on priorities and will always entertain all your feedback with lots of love.

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